Chapter 3 – Early Childhood

The early parts of my childhood will forever be embedded in my memory. The unconditional love from my family and, specifically, the bond I shared with my father were without doubt the happiest moments of my youngest years. I adopted a carefree and mischievous nature, intrigued by the elaborate entertaining lifestyle that was a daily occurrence at our home.

My Dad would bring home all the latest music, music equipment, cassettes, radios, tape recorders and video releases for selling or renting purposes. My older siblings were responsible for taking care of the music room, which boasted an enormous music collection that was rare to find in South Africa at the time. We were allowed to accompany my dad to Avalon Music Box on Saturdays and school holidays. I loved those days! Nothing could be more satisfying than hanging out at my dad's business. I could stay all day and just watch him trade, selling the latest music. If ever I got bored or felt peckish I would go next door to grab a bite from the Kentucky Milk Bar. The owner, Uncle Sam was fond of us and did not mind us hanging around his store. I still go there when I crave a 'part of my childhood', or simply a delicious toasted steak sandwich or a mouthwatering steak roll.

I had the best childhood, but not without my fair share of trouble. My earliest memories of specific events were when I was about four years old...

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