Chapter 5 – The Breakdance Kid

The eighties saw an era where breakdance became the latest craze. It was introduced to SA and internationally when the movie "Flashdance" was released along with some great musical artists such as Micheal Jackson, who became famous for his moon walk. Other great musicians also had some great dance numbers like Lionel Richie with his song "All Night Long " as well as "The Rock Steady Crew " and "Chaka Khan" for their famous hit singles.

As a young boy I would hang around with the boys in the “hood” and show off my favourite dance moves. We would hang out at the local arcade game store and cafe and listen to the latest breakdance hits. On some days we would hang out at a friend's place and watch the latest breakdance movies. I, too, wanted to be just like those amazing dancers who had the moves. I developed a passion for song and dance, to the extent that I was regularly invited to participate in gigs, school concerts and dance competitions.

Break dancing was something that was usually frowned upon, as it was associated with children who danced in the street, like street kids who hung out at street corners... I didn't look at it in that way. I think that was the benefit of looking at things from a kid’s perspective. Not much thought and consideration went into things. We just had fun...

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