Chapter 6 – My Teens

My teenage years at 342 Carmine Street were probably the most challenging years of my life; on the one hand, too much freedom and no responsibilities, and on the other, pressure to take responsibility for my life and our home. With my older siblings married and having moved on, my brother Iqbal and I were now the official “men” in our house.

For obvious reasons our home lacked structure and discipline – or perhaps we were just too much for my widowed Mum to handle. My Mum is soft natured and kind hearted, always engrossed in her prayers and other duties, leaving us much space for freedom. She tolerated us having friends over till the early hours of the morning.

Today, being a parent of three teenage boys, I humbly understand the colossal task she was entrusted with. These late nights and our undisciplined life had cumulative negative effects on our schooling: Always late! Always in trouble! Detention or a visit to the principal's office was per usual and corporal punishment was the ‘flavour of the day’...

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